Elephant On The Moon



In a small town there lives a lady astronomer. Every evening she looks at the moon through her
telescope. She knows it like the back of her own hand. Even in her sleep she can name all the
mountains, the craters and the oceans of the silvery globe. One night she makes an amazing
discovery. Can it be that there’s an elephant living on the moon? The members of the Moon Society
refuse to believe her.

Elephant on the Moon is a richly illustrated tale of courage, passion and determination. Although it is
directed mainly at younger readers, it refers to serious events. Sir Paul Neal in the seventeenth
century – one of the astronomers of the Royal Society – is supposed to have been the first to observe
an elephant on the moon. At the time, his discovery provoked much confusion and fired the
imaginations of many writers. Thanks to Samuel Butler’s satirical account, the story reached France.
Fontaine himself wrote a tale about it – “Un animal dans la lune.” Almost 350 years later Gosia Herba
and Mikołaj Pasiński have come back to this story of the moon, and out of it they have spun a new
tale full of adventure.

Gosia Herba studied history of art. For more than eight years, she has worked as an illustrator. She
has worked with La Nación, The Washington Post, Virginia Quarterly Review, Monocle and Penguin
Random House. She does illustrations for the press, and designs posters and covers for books and
CDs. Recently she has started to do illustrations for children.

Mikołaj Pasiński is interested in the study of culture. He works in graphic design and multimedia.

Gosia Herba and Mikołaj Pasiński are authors of a comic for adults entitled Fertitlity.

250 x 250 mm
48 pages
hard cover
ISBN 978-0-9933951-2-3
Price: 249


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